Maintaining confidentiality during the listing process.

Confidentiality is crucial to the overall process to sell a website and working with the right ecommerce business broker can ensure your website business is protected throughout the entire process. While having all perspective buyers sign a non-disclosure agreement is important, it's as equally important to have a website broker properly screen each perspective buyer to ensure only qualified investors get access to the company prospectus. As an ecommerce business broker that exclusively advises on selling website businesses, our firm's non-disclosure agreement was specifically drafted by an attorney that specializes in internet business transactions since internet business transactions are completely different than standard brick and mortar business sales.

Your ecommerce business broker can oversee the process of protecting the trade secrets of the website business during the sale process, but it's the seller's decision to keep the sale confidential from their employees. Our website brokers always recommend keeping the sale confidential from employees because until the deal has been finalized or at the very least until the deal is further along in the due diligence process depending on the circumstances surrounding the deal.

Having an ecommerce business broker representing your best interests can help make the overall process to sell a website seamless, especially as it relates to ensuring confidentiality remains a top priority from start to finish. A website broker is responsible for properly screening every buyer that inquires to ensure they have access to the required level of capital needed to purchase the website business and finding that prefect buyer starts with the non-disclosure agreement. Not only does having a perspective buyer sign the non-disclosure agreement protect the seller and the website's confidential information, but it also provides basic background information on the buyers. The website broker can immediately research each buyer to determine if they would be a good fit for the website business being sold. Since the non-disclosure agreement that is used by our ecommerce business brokers includes a provision about competitors, any competitor that requests a company prospectus must immediately identify himself as a competitor so that the seller can decide if they're comfortable releasing the company prospectus. There are many reasons to maintain confidentiality throughout the process to sell a website and an ecommerce business broker can help guide you every step of the way especially as it relates to maintaining confidentially with perspective buyers, employees and suppliers. In fact, every legal contract involved with the process to sell a website includes at least one provision as it relates to confidentiality including the listing agreement between the website broker and seller, the non-disclosure agreement between the website broker and perspective buyers, the letter of intent and the final asset purchase agreement. Our team of ecommerce business brokers take confidentiality very seriously and we work diligently to protect our clients' confidential information throughout the entire internet business sale process.