Selling Websites as a Package Portfolio vs. Selling individually

Many sellers that operate several website businesses are often faced with the decision to either sell their websites individual or sell the entire portfolio of websites as a package deal. Our experienced website brokers can help you make the right decision to sell your website as an individual sale or sell your websites as a package deal. Ultimately, the decision to sell the websites as a package deal will depend on how directly related the websites are to each other. When it comes time to sell your website individually or sell your websites as a package deal, you will likely be required to sign a non-compete agreement as a part of the deal. This can cause serious problems if you plan to sell your websites individually, especially if your internet businesses are directly related to each other. For example, if you have a portfolio of lead generation sites that all operate under different names, but are all directly related to a specific industry of leads, i.e. mortgage leads, it would make more sense to sell your website portfolio as a package deal. Alternatively, if you have multiple websites that are completely unrelated to each other, i.e. 1 website sells laptops and the other website is a lead generation business for mortgage quotes, it would make more sense to sell the websites separately since they are complete unrelated to each other. This would result in the maximum final sale price since a buyer that is specifically interested in the mortgage lead generation business probably won't have an interest in the website business that sells laptops since these are 2 entirely different internet businesses. A website broker can help implement the most logical listing strategy that unlocks the most value for selling your website business portfolio.

Entrepreneurs that operate a portfolio of website businesses often have several websites that overlap with each other to some degree and bundling these websites as a package deal can often result in a higher overall sale price if the websites directly compete with each other. For example, our website brokers previously represented a portfolio of lead generation businesses that focused on college education leads that help place students in the right schools. This seller had 3 websites that all operated under different brand names, but essentially offered the same service. Our website brokers helped unlock the value within these assets by selling the portfolio of websites as a package deal. Since these 3 websites operated in the same niche, the same seller captured 3x the market share he would have captured if only operating 1 website within that niche. If you're in the position to sell your website portfolio, I recommend hiring a professional website broker to ensure you maximize the overall sale price.