Why hire an internet business broker over a traditional business broker?

Now that you've made the decision to sell your website, you should hire a business broker that exclusively represents internet businesses. An ecommerce business broker has specific industry insight that is paramount to maximizing the sale of a website business since the value of most website businesses come from intangible assets. Traditional business brokers deal with all different types of businesses in all different types of industries. Traditional business brokers represent restaurants, gas stations, pet food stores, grocery stores, retail stores, coffee shops and more. When a traditional business broker covers so many different industries, it's impossible to claim to be an expert in all of these industries.

When trying to sell an internet business with a traditional business broker, the client usually has to educate the traditional business broker on the intangible aspects that impact internet business valuations including SEO, traffic sources, intellectual property, propriety coding and more. In addition, there are many different types of internet businesses including ecommerce retailers, lead generation sites, hosting companies, web development firms, advertising revenue sites, blogs, etc. If you want to sell your website and you're considering hiring a traditional business broker or an internet business broker, it always make sense to hire an online business broker that exclusively represents internet businesses.

There are simply too many differences in deal structure and overall exit strategy when selling an internet business compared to selling a traditional brick and mortar businesses. The legal contracts are different, the buyers are different, the deal structures are different and without prior experience with internet business transactions, a traditional business broker simply can't provide the same results as an online business broker that exclusively represents internet businesses. While traditional business brokers might represent 1-2 internet businesses each year, internet business brokers only represent internet businesses and they often have buyer databases of buyers that are only looking to purchase an internet business. Ultimately, if you're planning on selling any asset, you will likely get a better end result if you sell that asset with a business broker that only focuses on selling the specific type of asset you want to sell. When you need to sell a website, we recommend working with a website broker that has a proven track record of selling internet businesses and a long list of client testimonial references.